romaji. seeing them try to pronounce it would make a great icebreaker

This is actually a great idea

Middy, you are a genius.


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That also means I’ve been on tumblr for over 2 years


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I can’t wait for that Miorin pitching gifset to blow up on tumblr and everyone will assume she’s like 6 and be all “awwww” and we alone will be here knowing she’s a grown ass adult

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Hey guys

Did you know that Acchan graduated two years ago today

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Nachu on  有吉反省会 140824

Nozofisu also makes an appearance with her husband… hot damn, that’s an attractive couple.

And Ariyoshi prods some guy’s junk so you should probably watch

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Cutest pitcher ever

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ngl if I was in Japan for one day on September 27th and had the choice I’d probably go to Nachu’s exhibit instead of the janken tournament

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i want to be there


i want to be there

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Anonymous asked: “Maritroll booty is cute?”

it is very cute

very petite and ladylike

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Anonymous asked: “Does the Jurinabutt exist?”


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Anonymous asked: “Why is the Mariko-Shiho friendship so under appreciated”

Probably because Shiho graduated 2489 years ago. But yeah they have quite a solid broship.

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People who need to stop

  1. Tano Yuuka
  2. Kodama Haruka
  3. Hirata Rina
  4. Ichikawa Miori
  5. Tano Yuuka

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"come on maeda, show us what you’ve got!"

"i already told you, i don’t sing."

"oh, stage fright? hmph, well i guess your reputation sadly falls flat, then.”

"…..you did not just make that fucking pun that’s it i’m mopping the floor with you."

and before she can even control herself she sttarts speaking in rhyme and then her foot starts tapping and suddenly she’s belting out broadway showtunes in the cafeteria

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I hate straight people

*face gets really red and swollen and puffy and pissed off looking*

/you are a butt face/

What the fuck

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