Miyuu taking a selfie with Oyama Aimi’s debut album

pardon me while I cry buckets

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Anonymous asked: “Did you hear that Konan was on an episode of London Hearts recently and it was like really tragic. She had two events on the same day but she had to cancel both because only like 2 people showed up. It's so sad I want to cry for her”

Hmm that is kinda sad, she was so popular in  SDN, but the fact is that this is the way she wanted it. She left 7cm because she didn’t want to rely on anyone else and wanted to make it on her own merits, so no one could look at her and say “well, you are only successful because there are 7 of you.” So this is the fate she has chosen. I wonder if she regrets it…

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Milky or Sayanee?

Choose between these twos, and I don’t want u to die. :)

Sayanee obvs

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stevetbqh asked: “If this blog is not a boy or a girl then what is this blog?”


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This information was already super important but with your icon here next to it it is like 50000 times more important

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48shadesofgay asked: “Who do you want to center the next single after Refrain?”


That’s a complicated answer.

The largest part of me is screaming “Paruruuuuuuuu!!” and I really do think she should solo center at least one single in the coming year. But I want it to be the RIGHT one. I want it to be a good one, something fun and upbeat. Not like a sakura spring ballad (done that) and I want it to have a dance that challenges her a little (not a standstill like KNP).

Other than that, I’m assuming you mean a realistic choice. I’d move down to my #3 but Komiharu isn’t on that level yet. So I’d skip down some…

I’d die if they airdropped a Miion center. And I think she’d do really well. With her growing gravure presence and her being just about the right age, she could make a big splash. Unfortunately I’m afraid mgmt is still favoring Naanya over her.

I’d like to see Takamina get the spring song, but I’m all about a Paruru center for summer.

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crying-over-idol-butts-48 asked: “If SND was to play House, who would get what role? Like Mother, Father, etc...”

Nontii would be the father. CinDy would be the mother. KONAN would be a stepparent who married into all this nonsense. Rachel would be the cool aunt who sneaks you alcohol when your parents aren’t home as long as she can monitor you and make sure  you’re in a safe environment. Meetan would be the uncle who is always drunk and makes everyone uncomfortable with highly suggestive remarks. Umeko would be the helpful big bro. Koharun, Serinko, and Miyuu would all be spoiled toddlers. Hana and Hiichan would be the big sisters who came back from college and have absolutely no idea what’s going on anymore. Nachu would be this random  neighbor who always seems to be at your house despite having no relation to anyone and no one can even remember who first started hanging out with her because now she’s friends with everyone. 

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I love when I get SDN asks like yes please let me share their wonderfulness with you

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Shinoda Mariko in LOVE MARY Dresses

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Anonymous asked: “Which former SDN members have released music since graduation? The more obscure member the better. Links would be great too, but don't feel the need. Thank you in advance!”

Hatakeyama Chisaki is the most prolific SDN soloist currently. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssWNjg9RVR4

Fujikoso Yumi just released a mini-album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDqJe_hvFq0

Natsuko and Akiko released two singles together, here’s one: http://nicoviewer.net/sm18631819

Kojo Seara was signed with avex pre-SDN and is still doing some stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2enzG6oBLdM

Oyama Aimi apparently released her debut album this year, good for her, she’s been working at her solo career for a while now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKbZSTLUW4Q

Fukuda Akane is my favorite SDN soloist, but I don’t think she’s released anything yet, but she’s done a lot of guerilla street lives and club shows this last year. But here she is slaying Alicia Keys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHGIxkPp0Gs

And of course there is 7cm, a unit that was formed by 7 SDN members and later trimmed down to 3 members, a group which I gush over on a regular basis both on this blog and at nanasenchi.tumblr.com.

These are all the ones I know of who have a currently active music career. Some like Nontii have cameos in concerts here and there but have gone on more of a tarento route overall.

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edvard2 asked: “This blog is a boy or a girl?”

This blog is not gendered, because it is a blog and thus does not have genitals.

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Anonymous asked: “i wanna know why - i dont think ive seen you bash any members, so i doubt ill get super upset lmao”

I find her irritating. That’s basically it.

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Anonymous asked: “why don't u like Momoka??”

Hmmm do I really want to get into this? Do you really want to hear? Whenever I talk about why I don’t like somebody, someone inevitably gets all defensive and agressive about it.

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Anonymous asked: “Shades-kun, what do you honestly think about Kojima Mako?”

She’s  OK. Above average on my list.

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Anonymous asked: “nmb48”

Favorite Member: Yamamoto Sayanope
Least Favorite Member:  Kinoshita Momoka sry
Prettiest Member: Sayanope
Favorite Song/MV: song, Yume no Dead Body. PV, Mou hadashi ni hanarenai
Favorite Pairing: uhhhh if I’m allowed to cross over other groups, Parukii. If I’m not, no idea.

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